Newsletter Issue: April 2016

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Evolving Capability and Maintaining Compatibility for Naval Aircraft Electronics Test

Submitted by Bustec

Company: Lockheed Martin 

Industry: Transportation/Aviation

Challenge: Delivering a test system capable of testing modern aircraft electronics while maintaining compatibility with existing hardware and software of the previous-generation system. 

Solution: Using the ProDAQ 3030 PCI Express slot-0 interface to integrate existing VXI instruments with new instruments, chassis, and host PCs. 

The electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS) is the next generation of naval aircraft electronics test systems for use onboard aircraft carriers, replacing the CASS systems currently in use. eCASS requirements include capabilities for testing new aircraft and reducing test times. Also, due to the high investment in software, the Navy requires the new system to maintain with existing test program sets (TPSs). Instruments are thus chosen to optimize for capability and compatibility. Requiring significant changes to either software or test procedures could result in high costs and delays. 



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