Newsletter Issue: November 2015

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Case Study: 
AugustaWestland Uses VXI Platform to Test Helicopters in a Wind Tunnel Simulation

Submitted by Bustec

Company: AgustaWestland

Industry: Transportation/Aviation

Challenge: Acquiring data from 128 channels simultaneously at a rate of up to 100 kS/s while maintaining the ability to monitor time domain data online in real-time and store all data continuously onto a RAID system.

Solution: Using the Bustec VXI platform to quickly collect data with superior analog performance, versatile signal conditioning, and the capability for on-the-fly system calibration.

AgustaWestland creates integrated helicopter systems that encompass all principal weight categories for commercial and military use. These helicopters must be tested extensively to ensure complete customer satisfaction upon delivery and use in a wide range of commercial and military missions. Because helicopter rotors are smaller than airplane wings, their vibrations contain higher frequency components, requiring sampling rates for helicopter rotors to be significantly higher than those required for airplane testing.



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