Newsletter Issue: Q2, 2014

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Ground Vibration Testing Solution for Aircraft Manufacturer

Submitted by VTI Instruments

With more than 37.5 million commercial flights per year, aviation manufacturers are always pushing to increase the safety, efficiency, and comfort of their aircraft. To achieve the desired results, these manufacturers are continuously testing and improving their designs.

Completing these tests in-flight can be very expensive, dangerous, and often time consuming - leading manufacturers to complete these tests on the ground. Ground vibration test (GVT) systems allow for the testing of aeroplastic and aeroservoelastic stability of aircraft. The data collected is used to validate vibration, flight control models, detect structural flaws, and allow for the resolution of in-flight aeroelastic related abnormalities and troubleshoot flight control dynamic problems.

In November 2013, when an international aircraft manufacturer needed to complete their ground vibration testing, VTI Instruments was able to provide a high precision measurement solution.
The Challenge

The customer required their new system to have dynamic signal analyzers with a 24-bit ADC, minimum of 400 channels, TEDS reading capability with a turn-key software, MAYA HTT’s I-DEAS test software integration capability, and custom interconnects that would interface with their existing connectors. Incorporating I-DEAS into the solution was essential as the software makes changing between acquisition and analysis mode simple, and is capable of performing modal analysis efficiently with many of its useful tools.



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