Newsletter Issue: Q2, 2015

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The VXIbus Overview


Prior to 1987 there existed only one major architecture standard for instruments...the General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB). Although the GPIB was widely used, it did not address the need for portable test stations, nor for the market demand for faster, more cost-effective test solutions. In 1987, The VXIbus Consortium, a consortium of test and measurement companies introduced VXIbus ... a standard instrument architecture utilizing a modular platform.

The VXIbus (VMEbus eXtensions for Instrumentation) was developed to meet the need for portable applications and to provide a standard modular open architecture for integrating into the traditional GPIB test system and for stand-alone applications. It was designed to be an open architecture standard for instruments on a card, allowing an instrument from any manufacturer to operate in the same mainframe as another manufacturer’s instrument.



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